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You are an incorrigible dreamer with a personality which is hard to figure out, for people and for yourself alike. The Water element deals with the affective and sensitive part of the personality, as well as with the intuitive and unconscious perception of the world. This is the reason why you are naturally interested in irrational matters and you accept the complexity of human beings and things, even though your open-mindedness may be mistaken for passivity, lack of realism, or fatalism.

However, your Cancer Ascendant is a Cardinal and thus enterprising sign. When people meet you for the first time, you give the feeling that you know how to use your claws in order to get what you want, and your solid shell suggests that security is a major concern. You are secretive and inaccessible, and you pamper the people you admit into your private circle. Having said this, it is worth underlining that, even in intimate settings, you keep a part of mystery because Pisces is the Zodiac's elusive sign par excellence.

You enjoy delving at leisure into your imaginary world, which is so remote from the usual norms, or you obstinately dedicate yourself to a cause or a person, depending on your mood. Your apparent impassivity conceals a pressing need for emotional vertigoes and an irresistible desire to play with all the facets of your sensitivity. These texts about the sign of Pisces and Neptune might interest you. You can also read the meaning of the other sign and Ascendant combinations.

You can find dozens of celebrity horoscopes with the Sun in Pisces and the Ascendant in Cancer combination on Astrotheme. If you have a doubt about your sign or your Ascendant, you can get it immediately. The Ascendant or rising sign is often considered the mask one wears when meeting others. The Ascendant shows our natural defenses and how we cope with day-to-day issues. The energies of the sign and condition of the Ascendant are most overt and obvious to others.

Progressed Ascendant in 1st Decanate of Cancer

The characteristics of Cancer Ascendant described above are modified by planets conjunct the Ascendant, planets that aspect the Ascendant, and the position of the ruling planet of the sign on the Ascendant. For example, a person with a Cancer Ascendant with its ruling planet, Moon, in Sagittarius will respond to the environment a little differently than another person, also with a Cancer Ascendant, but whose Moon is in Scorpio. The following interpretations incorporate the position, by sign, of Moon, the ruling planet of Cancer. The sign position of Moon modifies your Cancer Ascendant characteristics.

These interpretations are from the Karmic Insight Report , and are written from an esoteric viewpoint. While the Sun describes your conscious direction and current life focus, and the Moon your subconscious predisposition and past, the Ascendant indicates a way of being that transcends and embraces past, present, and future. It describes the way you engage and merge with the outer world and how you bring through into life the energies depicted by the Sun, the Moon, and the rest of your birth chart.

Everything is filtered through the Ascendant from an esoteric point of view.

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Whether you are male or female, you carry the qualities of and in some way embody the archetype of the mother. You will find that you attract people who need care, understanding and encouragement. Devotion and maintaining emotional soul-connections to life is the heart of your approach to living. Your own feelings and moods will often reflect the dominant feeling tone in your environment.

You absorb the atmosphere around you and thrive in surroundings that are home-like, personal, supportive, and cooperative. Self-nurturing and self-responsibility are thus extremely important for you to develop in order to bring out your best. Your ruling planet is the Moon. This is because in your case the Moon not only reflects something about your past and inherited tendencies, but also colors your entire way of relating to the world now.

You may be somewhat split between your devotion to family, home, or dependents versus your allegiance to your own life. At best, you blend sensitivity and loving devotion with action and strength.

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  5. You could be a strong advocate for children, women, the family or the feminine. Your Moon in Taurus suggests that you are very comfortable providing solace and support to others, because you have a solid inner foundation. You draw your strength from flowing with the natural cycles and rhythms of the earth.

    Daily Horoscopes for Cancer Ascendant (And Cancer)

    When out of balance and out of contact with the land and natural forces, you become overly attached to security in the form of money or trying to ensure that nothing ever changes in your small part of the world. Being peaceful is an important aspect of your contribution to life. Your Gemini Moon suggests that you operate both from your feelings and instincts and your mind. Learning to articulate your own inner experience, and helping others to do the same, would be important. You could be a writing teacher, a devoted correspondent or diarist, or a counselor or consultant.

    Any of these would be an expression of your natural soul function. Your Moon is in Cancer as well, suggesting that deep sentiment, soulfulness, and the honoring of ancient roots and traditions is an important part of your contribution to life. Water and music play important roles in your life also. Because of your strong pull toward the past, you need to find ways for the past to nurture, strengthen, and add to your present life, rather than simply being nostalgic, becoming addicted to familiar or old ways, or trying to find a way back to the security of the womb.

    Your Moon in Leo suggests that your sympathetic and nurturing qualities are infused with warmth, generous feeling and a strong sense of personal pride in the ones in your care. Your Moon in Virgo suggests that your caring is channeled into practical service, nursing, attending to the immediate practical or physical needs of people. You are sensitive and devoted, but perhaps not very demonstrative in ways that others recognize as tenderness or love.

    Serving families, mothers, or children in some way is an important way for you to fulfill your soul function.

    Cancer Ascendant • The Astro Codex

    You also carry a deep feeling for beauty and part of your function in the world is to bring graciousness, sweetness and beauty into it. The tendency to avert or avoid conflict can be a strength or a deficit. Your Moon in Scorpio suggests that, though you may appear mild and motherly or soft, you can be truly ferocious in your defense of anyone or anything you care about, especially those who depend upon you. You are the Mother Tiger, when threatened. Deep sentiment and compassion for the suffering color everything for you.

    Words may be difficult or not at all important to you. What matters is soul, mystery and allegiances of the heart. Your Moon in Sagittarius suggests that your psychic and intuitional senses are very open and active. You are not as relentlessly upbeat and jolly, not such a party animal, and not as outgoing. Your Moon in Capricorn suggests that an emotional toughness and realism underlie your gentle exterior. The need to protect, to conserve, to uphold the family and to secure a solid base for your life colors much of what you do.

    Order and respect for tradition and heritage are an important aspect of your way of nurturing. Your Aquarius Moon suggests your devotional energies and protective care are not only for your own immediate family, but also for a wider community. Your gift is to envision creative alternatives and to be an instrument of change regarding how we nurture one another. You could be politically or socially active in changing the school system, health care or other arenas where nurture and care is administered.

    The rising of the feminine in our times is an important theme in your life.

    Cancer Rising Personality- 6 Facts People Always Get Wrong

    Your challenge is to somehow integrate this into your life in a balanced way. At times you may be confused as to where your true allegiance lies: with your family circle or with the broader world. People outside your family may see you as full of empathy and sensitive to their concerns, while your own family may feel from you a peculiar iciness and detachment at times, as if you wanted nothing to do with them or their needs. It is probably true that you do not want to care for them solely and that is where creative solutions and alternatives come in!

    Have some compassion for yourself. It is quite a challenge to answer your deep need to be free, to live life on your own terms, and to make a significant contribution to the human race or the planet, while at the same time nurturing family and lasting intimacy in your life. Your Moon in Pisces expands your empathy and devotion to include not just your own immediate family, but all of life. On the material level it reflects the group energy of humanity, so you are able to both feel the energies of other people and experience the flow of energy within yourself.

    It is this capacity to feel that gives rise to the nurturing side of this sign. The sign Cancer reminds us of water flowing downhill. It is the relentless quality of the flow that you resonate with. Much of your feeling experience occurs on the soul level. If you see auras, you may see all the way to the soul level of the person. This can be both informative and frightening, as you may not wish to relate that closely with everyone. Therefore it is important for you to have a spiritual practice that is designed to cultivate clarity of mind. Movement is a key principle in your life.

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    How you begin the digestive process, for example, determines what you are able to assimilate from your food.