Scorpio january tarot horoscope


Everyone deserves privacy. If you are involved in any sort of competition this month formal or informal you will want to keep a close eye out for any cheating. This can range from anything from someone cheating at a pick-up poker game to someone trying to frame you at work for something serious.

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Monday morning to Wednesday morning the Moon in Scorpio puts the focus on your private life, home and family. You will feel more emotional and sensitive than usual. This is a great time to talk about relationship issues because you will be in touch with your feelings.

Scorpio Horoscope - Major Life Changes to expect!

Inner calm and balance give you the confidence to break the ice and make new friends. But you may need more emotional reassurance from familiar objects, people and places. Thursday to Sunday brings emotional sensitivity and psychic perception. You will feel things more powerfully and are likely to be transformed by your intense emotional reactions. Someone is likely to move you deeply and have a strong influence on your life. Intense emotional connections may result in new relationships.

Scorpio Horoscope 2020 – Scorpio 2020 Horoscope Yearly Predictions

There would be a strong karmic pull between you and any destiny encounter. The Four of Swords is a card that signifies a break or a need for a break from normal life. This can also mean that you or someone in your life may withdraw for a time. This withdrawal is not likely to be permanent. It also occasionally means illness or time in the hospital or in extreme cases in jail. The Four of Swords usually means that you are needing some time and space to yourself.

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Others may be pushing too hard for bits of your time and attention. This is a 4 question tarot reading that will be sent to your e-mail along with pictures of your tarot spreads.

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Scorpio Tarot Card

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