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Ascendant Books first opened its doors in The store was started by two women, Alice Powell and Yvonne Kemp.

Your Astrology Holy Trinity and Polarity - Starzology - Astrology with heart

Both women had suffered tragedies in their lives and were looking for answers as to the meanings behind them. Their love of reading and the discovery of astrology was how the two women had met.

At that time in Alberta, the community of metaphysical seekers was still small. So we started small, too! In fact, our first location was tiny, no bigger than a kitchen, with fewer than fifty books! These three pieces of astrological information, your Ascendant sign, your Sun sign, and your Moon sign, are known as the holy trinity, the triad or the triumvirate of your chart.

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They are always listed in this order of importance; Ascendant, Sun, Moon and yes, your ascendant is more important than your Sun. If you are an aspiring astrologer , and if you attend an astrology conference , you will be given a badge with your name. There will be a space for you to write the three main parts of your chart listed on it, your Ascendant, your Sun, and your Moon.

Your Astrology Holy Trinity and Polarity

The Ascendant has the possibility of being in any one of the twelve signs, the Sun has the possibility of being in any one of the twelve signs, and the Moon has the possibility of being in any one of the twelve signs. This detail is huge and speaks to the complexities that can be found within an astrology chart, but there is a simpler way. In astrology there are two polarities active and passive. But only eight possible combinations.

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The use of polarity in the holy trinity of your chart is way to simplify what is a complex subject, astrology. Of course, there are many more interesting things about astrology charts that you could learn. Share your polarity combination with us in this quick anonymous survey.

The equinoxes occur twice a year the first equinox is around March 21st and the second equinox is around September 21st. Skip to content By Alison Price This article will show you what next two steps to take after you know what is your Sun sign. Sun Sign Perhaps you already know your Sun sign.

The Cancer Rising Sign or Ascendant in Astrology

Ascendant Sign The second thing you need to learn is your Ascendant sign. You will only know your Ascendant sign if you cast your chart.

The Ascendant

Moon Sign The third fact you need to discover is your Moon sign. Where to Get Your Birth Chart If you do not yet have a copy of your birth chart, there are three pieces of information that you will need. Your birth time Your birth date Your birth place the city and country For quick information go here to calculate your chart.