Cancer horoscope 23 december 2019

They need a calm person beside them who makes them feel safe and nurtured, so they can relax and show their own tender emotions without restraint.

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A person born on December 23rd is an incredible teacher when in touch with those they tutor and their own emotional world. They need to feel the joy so they can implement their knowledge, and excel as sportsmen, hunters, miners, and manual laborers, finding meaning in practical things that need to get done. They are engineers and builders, those who study science that can be used in their daily lives, and do great in fields of economy, architecture, construction and material testing. Tantaline is one of the best stones for people born on December 23rd to use, protective and giving a positive push to their creativity and decision making processes.

It is a crystal that shows negative influences from the side and beliefs that limit one's movements, blocking outer hostility and passive aggression coming from other people. The choice of birthday gift for someone born on December 23rd may be a bit tricky, as they seek something specific and something to light their way rather than simply multiply what they already have.

It is your best bet to turn their focus on the body, give them a voucher for a local gym, spa, pay for a massage or a beautifying treatment that will remind them that they should never neglect their physical existence. Hopeful and filled with optimism, they have the energy to endure through challenges of life and understand that there is always a light at the end of the tunnel, with their mind rich and their heart kept safe by those who love them most.

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Your power word: trust. Learn to trust you own abilities, your superpowers and the reservoir of knowledge that has helped you get where you are today. The answers you seeking are within you. Looking outside will keep you from moving forward at the right pace.

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Get out of your little cubicle! This month is about learning to pause, get comfortable in your own skin, and detaching yourself from the emotional drama of last month. The more time you spend introspecting, the more you will learn about yourself and the toxic patterns that have been holding you back. Bring the gift of honesty and authenticity to your relationship. Coming clean about the boundaries you have trespassed will contribute to the evolution of your bond. There is a huge shift in the career and life purpose sector. Ready or not, here comes the change!

Both fame and fortune are yours to keep if you play your cards right. Maximise on the opportunities being presented to you, Taurus. This is also a time of material rewards in your world. Trust that you will be paid your dues for all the hard work you have done this year. This is a blessed time for partnerships.

Co-create with those you love! Fear and anxiety about your loved ones could get the better of you. Everything you need is right here and in this moment. Gemini, you have so much to be grateful for—and your relationship is a major contributing factor to the Zen you are experiencing this month. Sip on your adrak chai and watch the world go by. Nothing will bring you more joy than slowing down. Letting go of a toxic relationship is hardly a loss.

Remember, it is by clearing the clutter that you will make space for a partner who loves and respects you at every level. When you create from a space of love, your work starts to vibrate higher with you. You are not your fears. You are not your insecurities. Take a leap of faith in the direction of the new.


Love with all your heart, or not at all. Spoiler alert: the Universe has got your back, Cancer! Trust that your fall if at all will be cushioned. Ultimately, everything in life is a learning experience. Worrying too much about the future will keep you from experiencing the blessings that are being sent your way in this moment. Ah, divine clarity! You will know exactly how to take your career to the next level.

This is also a time of channeling the new. Keep a diary handy to note down the million-dollar ideas that are coming to you. You will know how to develop them in due course of time. PS: Somebody in your inner circle could sync forces with you and help you take things forward on the professional front. Trust is your magic word. Would you change for another person? Then, how can you expect another to turn over a new leaf for you? Your relationship could be falling apart under the weight of your unrealistic expectations. The gift of acceptance is a magical one. It promises to help your relationships evolve—not just with your partner, but also your loved ones.

Remember, transformation is a gradual process. Patience is your power word. All the hard work is finally paying off, Leo! Get ready to receive the fruits of your labour. This is a time of stability and security in your world. Remember, your state of mind is a contributing factor to how focused and productive you are. Being away from your family or support system could take a toll on you emotionally. Word to the wise: find a sense of community, wherever you are. Your intuition is heightened at the moment. Trust the messages you are receiving from the cosmos. Pleasure is your divine birthright—and this month, the Universe wants you to bask in that postcoital glow.

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Do away with the layers and layers of conditioning. Self-acceptance is the gift that will transform your relationships. Trust that your love will only grow deeper with the passage of time. You are not your limitations, Virgo. You are infinite potential in human form. This is the time to push your boundaries and challenge yourself in more ways than one. You will emerge triumphant. Break away from the old structures.

This reality check is helping you get in alignment with the larger plan. Trust is your power word. Travel for work could be on the cards for some of you. Prepare yourself for one hell of an adventure! You are in the midst of a massive transformation. All good things take time. Be kind and gentle with yourself. Remember, the gift of self-acceptance is a magical one that promises to transform your relationships for the better.

Travel and exploration are illuminated for you this month. Let your gypsy soul lead the way from here. The Universe is sending a basket full of goodies your way.

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BlessedNotStressed describes your state of mind right now. Expect many a joyous tidings on the work front! Bringing out the best in people has always been your forte. Get ready to make magick with those you love! The lines between colleagues and friends could quickly blur given the holiday season revelry.

But expecting them to always cushion your fall could disappoint you in more ways than one. What you suppress could come out in ugly ways. Do away with the inauthentic. Self-acceptance is a beautiful gift that promises to transform you and your relationships. Yes, that means accepting all of you, not just the parts that feel palatable. On the sexual front, this is the month to enjoy a greater degree of freedom. Spoiler alert: they might surprise you by enjoying all the same things in bed.

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How do you see your career progressing over the next year? Take some time to self-reflect, especially if the lack of clarity has been a constant in your world. Trust your instinct. It is guiding you towards a better tomorrow. On the upside: this is the month to receive the fruits of your labour.