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These businesses make a profit after selling their items at higher rates than the purchase prices. There is a prominent yoga for this business in a horoscope. After the type of business is decided, the chart D is further studied for the kind of business the native should be doing. The planet which has the most significant influence on the 10th house and its lord is seen. If the significations of planets are evaluated correctly, then the kind of business the native should undertake would no longer be a riddle. For example, a suitable influence of Ketu on the 10th house indicates success in agriculture business, alcohol business, etc.

Similarly, the influence of moon suggests business in pharmaceuticals, tube wells, glass and mirror, etc. Likewise, Mercury indicates that a trade involving some research work, art and culture, doctor, accountancy, etc. The largest of the business yoga can collapse if it is not started at the right time. This means that if the dasha or the gochar is negative, then the business yoga would not show good colours. So, it is always helpful to start the work at a time suggested in the horoscope. It is still better to wait than to perish. Almost all businesses rely on loan, and the amount of credit which is allowed for a native may depend upon his financial capabilities.

But it has to be seen through the horoscope as well, as many excellent business yogas crumble under a load of loans. So, before any credit is taken from anywhere, it is imperative to see what amount would not shake the foundation of the business in question. I have seen many businesses closed on account of non-payment of loans or companies going bankrupt. Career according to Zodiac Signs Or Rashi. Experience: 15 Years.

What everybody ought to know about running a business, astrologically: Dr.Vinay Bajrangi

Specialization: Dr. Share The Article On :. Dear Sir, I need your help on urgent basis. I am facing lot of problems in my current job private job with lot of people creating obstacles in my work and plotting against me to discredit my work and my job is also under some risk. I am facing abusive language from seniors and am feeling that it has started affecting me physically as well and I dont think I will be able to continue in this job much longer as I am feeling extremely harassed, I am still in this job as I have to support my family.

I have tried to move out and had appeared in an interview also in end of July and 1st week of Aug which went well but it has not been closed till now and it appears that it has got stuck.

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My Date of Birth is 19th May, Time of Birth is I am currently doing job in construction company, and I am planning to start a business. I am not sure if this will be a wise decision.

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Can we somehow calculate the decision using astrology, if business will suit me or i will take some time to start. My date of birth is 18 june Time of birth am , place west mednipur WB, India. You have asked many questions at a time.

Business and Profession Yoga in Kundli

If I guide you so, also you would be able to find-out the answer or not, I have doubt. D is the chart for to judge your career more deeply. You can say — it is the X-RAY plate of your career. This chart is a special chart for your career only from where all secrets information of your are there.

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So, now you can understand how important it is to judge your career chart means D See in your Rashi or Natal chart that whether any malefic planet is associated with 10th house or its lord or not. Aspect, Argala planetary intervention , Nakshatra relation all you will have to judge.

Judge the same from D also, only Nakshatra relation will be ignored here. Now judge who is strongest among all those planets and is closely related to 10th house and lord of Natal chart and D both. Now find-out the Mahdasa and Antardasa relation. To get more perfect result you will have to the see position of those planets in Transit also. If you have basic idea on Astrology then only you can understand what I have mentioned above. In free advise I only can educate you dear.

Hope this much will help you. If you want to judge in more depth, so let me know, I will obviously guide you. I am currently doing job in private sector, and I am planning to start a business. Can we somehow calculate the decision using astrology, if business will suit me, or I should look forward growing in job. My date of birth is 29 April Time of birth hrs, place Meerut UP, India. Helo am interested to be an actor…. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

Or Research. Astrologer Dr Shankar Bhattacharjee. Ajit says: Dear Sir, I need your help on urgent basis. Time of birth am , place west mednipur WB, India thank you. You would be successful in business with the investment of resources or skills, is a very relevant point to be verified from the Horoscope. Service businesses do not require huge investments and the business with huge investments might not suit many horoscopes. So, have your horoscope checked to see this possibility. Service businesses are of many types, including advisory jobs, commission agency jobs, accounting, repairing jobs, salons, and law firms.

A manufacturing business, understandably, requires huge investments — for manufacturing plant, man power, and operations, for the most part,only if the prominent yoga for this business is there in the horoscope, a native can think of it. Once the type of business, suitable for a native, is determined, the chart D is examined in order to find out the planet that significantly influences the 10 th House and its Lord. For instance, it is BEST for a native to choose a business related to agriculture, alcohol etc. Accordingly, a suitable influence of the moon recommends businesses related to pharmacy, tube wells, glass, and so on.

This is why I always recommended to find out the holy time, suggested by the horoscope, to start the business. If you race and start the business at a wrong time, you might perish. Most people set up their businesses after taking a loan. But, sometimes, their loan amount is beyond their earning potential or financial capabilities. Examining the horoscope is BEST suggested, as it can serve as a guide for you.

If a few things are taken care, a native can avoid becoming a victim of bankruptcy. Read More: Business Related Issues. Over 2 decades of my exposure of Vedic Astrology educates me to state that Vedic Astrology is all based on our Karmas. Firstly I very firmly believe that each horoscope has both malefic and benefic planets but none should either be distressed with negative Doshas or feel pampered with positive ones.

And this is what the theory of Karma Corrections says. Secondly, my focus is to read the flawed karmas of previous life and guide the person as to how can we improve them in our present life. And that is what my theory of Karma Correction is.

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I firmly believe that rituals cannot please the god. It can subside your problems but cannot eradicate. I also feel that heavy rituals are actually responsible that astrology seems to be losing its basic sheen in the modern times. Another thing is that if at all some remedies are required, should be totally Vedic, self performable rather we employing professionals to perform it for us.

Free Vedic Business Astrology report

You have the problem so you should only devote time performing these rituals to connect with the divine power yourself. P India I am a travelling Guru, often visiting cities in India and abroad to meet my clients. Vinay Bajrangi.