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We were tasked with designing and developing a public website; a secure web interface for sellers allowing them to create their own fundraising pages and manage various aspects of sales; a customized CMS based on WordPress, as well as incorporating an order management system and comprehensive reports set into this CMS.

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To meet the challenges we chose a feature-driven approach, when we closely worked with the client refining each requirement, while simultaneously developing all levels of the application. For fast response and smooth reliable performance, we built an AngularJS based web application with WordPress as a data layer.

We developed proprietary WordPress plugins that drastically reduced the number of requests to the server, as well as traffic between the client and the server, and moved rendering of the pages from the server to the client side.

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We also extended the CMS by providing Order Management, Reports, Form Builder, and Page Builder modules, with the latter two enabling users to easily create forms and web pages in a matter of minutes. In addition, we customized Google Maps for pies pick-up sites selection. We utilized Gmail Address Book for sellers to assist with sending personalized e-cards to the buyers and Constant Contact for a newsletter sign-up. As always, we made sure that the web application functioned and looked perfect on all devices.

We made sure that buying experience was simple and efficient across all platforms, and that sellers could effortlessly manage their personal accounts whenever it is convenient for them, in the office, home, or on the go. Since the fundraising event was tied to a specific date, we did not have any flexibility with deadlines and the development time was quite limited. We needed to migrate the data from the existing system. That system was built gradually over 15 years, so it was not trivial to process all its content.

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While developing Pie in the Sky, we needed to provide a single sign-in for both websites. The old site could not handle the server load and crashed at the most important time for the client. We had to ensure the reliability of the system with absolutely no downtime at the peak of sales. Despite the challenging deadlines, we delivered a fully functional sophisticated system that ensured streamlined modern experience for the customers, while providing Community Servings with all the necessary tools for managing the major fundraising event.

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Each page was designed with the mobile experience in mind. Reading is easy and perfectly sized to any mobile screen. Because of the complexity of the bake sale, a custom site was needed to track and manage orders, allow pie sellers to log in and track personal sales, and run operational reports. We look forward to continuing to work with them to customize our Pie in the Sky site and other websites. This award-winning report is fully responsive, filled with rich interactive infographics, and includes a customizable print functionality, an interactive timeline, and a multitude of engaging features.

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Using our own Limus CRM and fundraising platform, this new website and fundraising engine helps a not-for-profit organization with their large annual fundraising as well as to plan volunteers schedule, track donations and organize events for feeding critically ill people in the Boston area. A responsive website connected to a real-time reservations system for a high-end global chauffeur transportation service, featuring Ground Widgets technology.

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Website design and development for Walden Green Energy and Walden Renewables - two sister companies that develop and invest in clean energy projects across the United States. A complete website redesign with a complex CRM system for New York Insight Meditation Center NYIMC , an urban center for the practice of mindful awareness, featuring custom event registration, members registrations, donations, recurring payments, and more.

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Also available in Kindle , Nook. Request Exam or Desk Copy. Request Review Copy. Despite its popular association today with magic, astrology was once a complex and sophisticated practice, grounded in technical training provided by a university education.

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The Crown and the Cosmos examines the complex ways that political practice and astrological discourse interacted at the Habsburg court, a key center of political and cultural power in early modern Europe. Like other monarchs, Maximilian I used astrology to help guide political actions, turning to astrologers and their predictions to find the most propitious times to sign treaties or arrange marriage contracts.

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Perhaps more significantly, the emperor employed astrology as a political tool to gain support for his reforms and to reinforce his own legitimacy as well as that of the Habsburg dynasty. This book draws on extensive printed and manuscript sources from archives across northern and central Europe, including Poland, Germany, France, and England. A special treat. If you're a student of European history, this well-researched and well-written book will hold your interest. Hayton is a skilled linguist, and this book benefits from his smoothly crafted translations or paraphrases of Viennese astrological texts.

Readers who are unfamiliar with the pragmatic astrological literature of the early sixteenth century will learn much about how astrology worked or, to be more precise, about what astrology sounded like from Hayton's extensive translations. Hayton's writing is fluent and engaging, and his content is structured with admirable and accessible clarity.