Capricorn january 22 astrology

But what does that mean? Energetic, full of enthusiasm and zest for life: those are the good qualities. Weaknesses to be particularly aware of include aggression and impatience. My advice? Be patient! I am quite sure that in the past you have been slighted at work.

Capricorn Compatibility: The Goat in Relationships

However, it takes a brave person to get the better of you. At least a financial wrong should soon be put to rights. In matters of the heart, your feelings are still dominated by fantasies — rather than facts. Nothing wrong with that! Conserve all your daring energy for facing odds as you may come across many people trying to challenge your credibility. But if you will get affected by their words, you may need to see a doctor! Better option is to attend some fitness workshop or camp rather than getting into anything! Love is in the air, love is on the mind.

Capricorn Zodiac Sign (December 22 - January 19) - Personality Traits, Horoscope

Actually love is everywhere. You just have to be conscious of its presence.

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Take baby steps and talk to friends for advice. With many options seen today, do not be in a hurry to jump. Your silence attracts people. A little enigma around your character is alluring.

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You and your fellow Cuspers are keen to avoid disagreements with family members. You tend to be peaceable, providing a lax environment within which the family members operate. As such, your home tends to be peaceful. You are quite economical, and saving your money is right at the top of your priorities.

Capricorn Sign Dates & Traits

In fact, you are so keen on saving that you sometimes leave some key needs unattended to. This sometimes puts you in conflict with friends and relatives. Be careful to avoid stress and tension in your life. This is because people born on the Cusp of Mystery are predisposed to contracting neurological diseases because of accumulated stress. As a lover, you are attractive, caring, and versatile.

You are quite adventurous, and you like exploring new possibilities. You concentrate on a person for some time, before you lose interest and move on to new challenges. Your love life seems to be a continuous journey of new discoveries. You have a high affinity for people with healthy imaginations. You prefer lively people, as they can keep in step with your lifestyle. You can flourish in a relationship with a fellow Aquarius.

Today's Capricorn Horoscope - Wednesday, October 9, 12222

However, for this to happen, you should reveal your personality systematically. Do not let them know you at one go. Keep them guessing about you, as this will keep them interested. You love your freedom and independence. You share these traits with two other air signs: Libra and Gemini. For this reason, you can thrive in a love relationship with them. Your partners find you to be sincere and elegant. They find you to be incredibly attractive. It is for this reason that you have many admirers. Choose wisely, though, for a number of them have eccentricities that you cannot stomach!

Your natural charm is a big attraction for your partners. They are turned on quite easily by your infectious bonhomie attitude to life. The January 22 zodiac people are best advised to stay away from a relationship with a Scorpio.

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You are not compatible with them. In fact, of all zodiac signs, you share the least qualities with Scorpio. A relationship with them may not end well. The January 22 zodiac people are empathetic, revolutionary, and ingenious.

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  5. They embody the spirit of the true Aquarius. You are not very good at expressing your emotions. However, this does not mean that you are afraid of speaking your mind. You voice your opinion about any conceivable issue. For this reason, many people turn to you to represent them when they have social concerns. You are a neat, well-organized individual. Everything around you is always in its right place. As such, you hate disorganized and stupid people.