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The crown is a symbol of authority, reminding us that justice will always prevail. The sword is double-edged — justice cuts both ways — and is pointed upwards to symbolize victory. The scales represent balance and fairness, their gold coloring serving as a reminder that even the rich must abide by the law.

Since the right side of the body is the logical one and the left side is the intuitive one, holding one object in each hand conveys that both logic and intuition are necessary to dispense justice. Decent, law-abiding individuals are represented by Justice. They make decisions carefully, weighing all the pros and cons.

Justice – The Libra Tarot Card

These people are good with words and often place a high value on education. As a person, Justice is also practical and cautious, but remains a romantic at heart. In the upright position, Justice is a sign of truth and balance. Decisions will be made fairly and honestly — as such, you should respect their outcomes. Important choices should be thought out with great care and integrity. In an actual court of law, any legal disputes you are involved in will be resolved in your favor.

The meaning of Justice in a relationship reading depends on how you have treated people in the past. If you have treated others with kindness and respect, the universe will send you kindness and respect in return. Inversely, you will feel the wrath of justice if you have treated others with coldness or contempt. The Justice card can also be a sign of a balance being restored to your love life.

If you are single but have been yearning for someone, you will soon meet your other half. If your partner has shown opposition to getting married or having children, the two of you will soon be on the same page.

Justice tarot card meanings

If you are owed money, Justice is a good sign that you will be repaid soon. If you have been stingy with your finances lately, find some room to lend money to a friend in need, or donate to a charity you believe in. If you are single, Justice reversed can indicate that while you may feel you are ready for the relationship you deserve, you have still not learned the lessons from your past relationships that are necessary for you to move forward and avoid repeating the same mistakes. It can also indicate that you tend to lack balance in relationships and this maybe causing your relationships to flounder.

We all get caught up in the initial excitement of new love but be careful not lose yourself completely! Try to maintain a balance between you love life and your own independent life when you meet someone, it will give your relationships the space they need to grow. If you have treated past partners badly, Justice reversed can be a sign that you may be suffering the consequences of your actions.

In a general context, Justice reversed can indicate injustice or avoidance of karmic justice.

Legal Disclamer

This may take the form of being treated unjustly in your life or situation where you are being unfairly affected by the choices or actions of others. You may feel you are being victimised or blamed for something that is not your fault. Whatever the situation, you must try to maintain your balance. Justice in a reversed position can also be an indicator of someone trying to avoid their karma. If you have played a part in creating your current situation by bad choices or actions, you must be accountable.

The Justice Tarot card reversed can also indicate dishonesty.

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Just confess, accept the consequences and try to draw a line under it. Justice reversed can indicate someone with very hard-line or uncompromising views. Examine if you or those around you may have become prejudiced. Examine this and determine is this how you want to be or what you want in your life?

If you are involved in a legal dispute, it is not a favourable card to get and indicates that there will be some form of injustice in the outcome or the outcome will not be what you had hoped for. As with the upright Tarot card, Justice reversed in a spiritual context tell us that the universe may be sending you the lessons you are supposed to learn in this life. The reversed position indicates that you may be trying to avoid these life lessons or outright refusing to accept them. Our life lessons usually start off small, giving us the opportunity to learn without having to go through turmoil or massive upheaval.

However, if we do not learn or refuse to learn, the universe will keep bringing these lessons back to us in bigger and more consequential ways. You can avoid this by simply learning the lessons quickly. In a reversed position, Justice can also mean you feel you are being treated unjustly. Try to use this time to connect to your higher self and rise above your circumstances. It also cautions against overindulgence in any area of your life.

Justice reminds us that things work out according to the quality of effort and work you have put into it. What goes around often comes around, so be fair and square. In a reading, Justice shows up to tell you to give yourself a fair shot.

Libra in Tarot: The Justice Card! [The Zodiac Signs in Tarot Cards] [Zodiac Signs and Tarot]

You have as good a chance as anyone, and if you put the effort in you will most definitely reap the rewards. No-one can stop you, other than you. In a love reading, Justice tarot card can signify a relationship with many rules, and one part might be compromising more than the other. Justice describes a relationship both intellectually and emotionally stimulating. In a career reading, Justice tarot card denotes, jobs in law and order, as well as in fitness. When paired with the World tarot card it denotes teaching jobs. Justice speaks of the seeker feels strongly for truth, justice, and balance.

In a relationship, the Seeker has some conditions to the love they give. They will not commit their heart before they are sure the person they are with have the strong character they are seeing. If you are asking what someone is feeling about you, Justice means the person is seeking a friendship with you before they will commit their heart wholeheartedly.

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  • Learn what Justice tarot card means in the Grand Tableau. Justice is someone with a strong sense of what is right and wrong and who likes to play fair and square. They like things to be balanced and take their time making decisions as they often fear they will make the wrong one. They are good at setting their emotions aside to make use of their logical brain. It takes a lot of them to let go of their position and when they do they will think about it for a long time. They look at all sides of a situation, considering all viewpoints before they make their minds up on the matter. Justice people are psychologically stable people who seek balance in all of their relationships.

    They need partnerships to be blissful and harmonious to feel good, if not they suffer a lot and will work hard towards a peaceful conflict resolution. Justice reversed denotes injustice, unfairness, imbalance. You are either getting too much or too little of what you need. Something might be preventing the energy of fairness and balance from succeeding. It can be documents being hidden or people acting selfishly.

    The tools of justice might be missing and the scales of balance and the sword of the intellect are gone.